Richmastery Exposed


RICHMASTERY THIEVES - Information needed

Phil Jones

Notice to honest writers, authors, speakers and seminar promoters:
If the Richmastery sharks (especially the biggest shark of all, PHIL JONES) have been stealing your intellectual property, please speak out. Now is the time!

Also, to the thousands of people who may have been misled and deceived by PHIL JONES, please contact the fine lawyers who are representing a group of honest people who have been so shockingly and brazenly ripped-off by Jones.

Thank you

The Richmastery Exposed Rebels


Formal acknowledgement of copyright infringement:

Richmastery - Copyright infringement and Breaches of the Fair Trading Act.

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Richmastery company in liquidation

The company which previously owned the Richmastery property education business has gone into liquidation. More »

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